Real Time image for site

Real Time studio has created the identity for on-line exhibition company, which claims it will offer the first major opportunity for virtual exhibition design.

Founded last year, the company aims to offer an Internet alternative to trade shows by hosting alternative 3D exhibitions on-line. Expocentric will make its debut this year for the Training Solutions and IT Training Shows in June.

Expocentric brand communications director Liz Rushall says the proposition will allow design groups to create exhibition designs on- and off-line.

“There are two ways that we offer stand space on-line. The first is using ten preset designs, which can be customised by exhibitors. The alternative is to buy a virtual, open space and appoint a designer to do it all,” she says.

Real Time Studio was assigned to create print and screen versions of the identity, the website, literature and brand guidelines. The back end of the on-line platform is being designed by integrating software from three of Expocentric’s partners: Oracle, 3D software specialist SuperScape and Blaxxun Interactive.

“ had an identity which didn’t really represent them in any real shape or form,” says Real Time Studio corporate identity director Chris Bicker.

With the identity, Rushall says the company wanted to reflect the fact that it is a solid business that just happens to be using the Internet, rather than an on-line start-up with a fashionable image.

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