There’s more to true innovation than making your design work look pretty

I really applaud Joanna Buick’s comments (DW 25 February) on the need for intuitive communication, then slick production tecniques later.

Successful communication indeed requires both, but without the first we cannot be effective to the user.

The same goes for innovation. You can’t look at a product and say to yourself, “Mmmm that’s innovation”. This is particularly true in digital media, where service for the user is key.

Innovation has no genre, hallmark or distinguishable feature when you look at it.

The best ideas don’t always look great when they are conceived. However, if the brief is understood, if the relevance of the design is taken into account and if design techniques are successfully applied, the result will always benefit the customer.

Those three words (understanding, relevance, application) have to work in that order… try them backwards and discover what many people currently believe is innovation.

Daniel Bonner

Creative director


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