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You might design websites, but do you use on-line retail services? If so, what for, what’s your favourite site, and why?

You might design websites, but do you use on-line retail services? If so, what for, what’s your favourite site, and why?

‘Apart from my regular supply of unbranded Viagra, I buy plane and cinema tickets as well as hardware and the odd book on-line. Best site for me www.go-fly.com. It’s simple and effective – no registration, fast pages, minimum of fuss.’

Olaf Wendt, Independent Designer

‘I found a flat on loot.com about three years ago, but have to admit that apart from fonts (Emigre and Fontworks) and software I very rarely buy on-line. Not that I’m a Luddite I just enjoy the physicality of handling things before I buy. Very few e-tailers deal with the physical and emotional response to shopping, they all seem convinced that offering it cheaper is the key. I’d be happy paying slightly more getting great customer services and having a real experience via the site.’

Mike Bennett, Head of Development, Empty Space

‘For me e-commerce has moved the Web from a collection of poorly designed corporate brochures to the largest factory outlet mall imaginable, which is certainly an improvement. My own consumption via the Net has been modest. My most negative experience was the Christmas tree that arrived around New Year’s Eve, whereas my more positive foray was the purchase of 40kg of chicken poo pellets for my garden at www.fertiplus.co.uk.’

Tom Roope, Creative Director, Tomato Interactive

‘I like a bit of fun, so I find myself buying all sorts from Ducati’s motorbike memorabilia auctions. I once saw an estate agent’s site with an “add to shopping basket” button – that’s a big basket. But my current favourite is a gadget site – I’ve just put in a bid for an L39 fighter jet.’

Neil Svensen, Managing Director, Rufus Leonard

‘Very occasionally. My favourite site is amazon.com, chiefly because it was the first site that I bought from. The browsing aspect of on-line retail is very disappointing, however, so I tend to look for books and CDs in high street shops and then actually buy them on-line to save money. The spirit behind the lastminute.com site is great, but in reality I always come unstuck and end up phoning them anyway.’

Jo Austin-Olsen, Client Services Director, The Attik, London

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