Imagination’s plans in jeopardy

Imagination’s plans for the year 2000 festival are in danger of being thrown into disarray by a funding crisis threatening the chosen site at Greenwich, London.

The lack of financial support from the private sector for the Greenwich plan is plunging into doubt the concept of a national focus to the UK’s celebration of the millennium. Government advisor Sir Peter Levene has been given five weeks from now to find 200m worth of funding.

Imagination has told DW that its plans for the millennium hinge around a two-year regional programme, due to start on New Year’s Eve 1997, building up to “a national forum which is integral to the concept”.

“It is important that there is a coming together at the end,” says the Imagination spokeswoman, who will not speculate on whether Imagination would pull out if a single, national festival is cancelled. “We’ll still be happy to work with the commission whatever happens. Our only benchmark is that we’ll have to be satisfied that it will still be a quality experience.”

The commission this week announced it will give two Bristol entertainment centres, Science World and Wildscreen World, a total of 41.3m. Both will be designed by Met Studio. The Science Museum expects to appoint one or more interiors or exhibition consultants later this year for its new 44m Wellcome Wing, which this week received 23m from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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