McLaren to cash in on Polish ‘cult’ status

Malcolm McLaren is to open Poland’s first design-focused chain of stores – a project with international potential which will involve young British and Polish designers.

The first store is planned to open within 12 months. At least ten designers of all disciplines will be appointed and the project will be funded by McLaren, the Polish government and Polish sponsors.

McLaren may open a studio in the UK to act as an interface, enabling both teams of designers to move between countries.

“The idea is to work with young people to create an image which can be exported. It will involve every aspect of design – fashion ranges, furniture, interiors, graphics, products, architecture, textiles and homeware,” says McLaren, who wants to convey an atmosphere unique to Poland’s “social sense and awareness, a general lifestyle feeling”.

McLaren decided to open the as yet unnamed store after a visit to Poland, where he realised he was “a cult character”.

“There is no store in Poland where designers can speak to the new generation. There is a new image of the 1990s in Poland which needs prominence in outlets both in the nation and outside it,” he adds.

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