Titanic voyage is dream come true

This September Andrew Halsey will step into the transatlantic row boat designed by Nic Bailey and not set foot on land for approximately six months.

Halsey is making his childhood dream come true. He has wanted to row alone across the Atlantic Ocean all his life.

“Some people think I should get a sensible life, settle down, buy a house. But this is what I want to do,” says Halsey.

The RIBA Architecture Centre is featuring the boat in its current exhibition Products of Desire 2, which closes on Saturday. Halsey’s trip has attracted controversy as he has epilepsy.

“Many people think epileptics should be in padded cells, not rowing boats,” says Halsey.

The boat stores 50 gallons of water and has a reverse osmosis pump, making salt water drinkable.

Any danger of boredom? “I’ll be radioing, spear-fishing, filling in the log book, playing the harmonica and writing, it’s an 8- to 12-hours-a-day job,” he says.

And the fun doesn’t end there. Halsey’s future plans include doing a parachute jump.

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