Having the credentials to make three fit into two

I share Melvin Rutter’s view that too many designers are chasing too few jobs, but as potential candidates we have to rise above the masses and show we have something different to offer. The problem I have found is not getting an interview, but proving I can handle anything they throw at me.

I’ve been in the design industry for 14 years. As a creative artworker, I’ve handled all manner of projects but I still don’t understand the phrase ‘we’re seeking someone whose artworking experience is more relevant to our company’.

Can anyone explain this? Is it because I have not spent my life producing specific material or worked for a named agency, or aren’t you allowed to be flexible in your approach to design and production any more? With the ever-changing market and costconscious clients, I’d have thought experience and flexibility are key.

Chris Rowland

Creative artworker


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