23 November 1995

…and stages a US puppet show

Meanwhile, Las Vegas was the place to be last week, with designers from the British Design Initiative and Design Business Association at technology show Comdex (see News, page 3). The DBA stand ran a competition featuring examples of great British design. Winners had to identify the “odd man out”. This would have been easy in […]

Cilla gives cold shoulder to Blind Date Hannah

Cilla Black’s pally chat on Blind Date is just a load of hot air, according to an excellent source. – Hannah Jones, receptionist at London consultancy Fishburn Hedges since March (“it seems like years”) recently came uncomfortably close to the spangly-dre

BDI unzips a sense of humour…

Members (ooer) of the British Design Initiative obviously keep their BDI’s well-peeled for – nudge wink – bodily innuendos. A recent BDI mission to Korea spewed forth a variety of naughty misnomers. Such as Pocari Sweat refreshment water, which “supplies water and electrolytes lost through perspiration”. Not forgetting a type of bedding called Bum. And […]

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