Student recognition

Following on from Paul Martin’s letter (DW 9 November), I thought I’d share our experience of running a similar student bursary scheme (The Recognition Awards scheme).

I recently contacted every higher education graphic design course in the UK inviting their participation. I was surprised by the feedback. Many institutes just didn’t know how to deal with our approach, several passed me on to student welfare officers, and at least 50 per cent ignored my approaches (e-mails, post and letter).

It is safe to assume that the few dozen tutors and course leaders who did respond with enthusiasm and involvement will be the ones that engage and regularly enthuse their students (and will have an ongoing relationship with our studio).

Perhaps it is time to stop moaning about the declining standards of students and focus instead on the need for tutors to recognise their role in providing more creative links between education and industry.

Michael Smith, Founder, Cog Design, London SE10

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