23 October 2008

Zip Design moving record sleeves

Album sleeve art could change forever following the introduction of animated covers, designed in anticipation of MP3 players capable of displaying the new files coming to market.London-based consultancy Zip Design

RCA gains more space in campus expansion

Royal College of Art rector Sir Christopher Frayling says the college’s expansion to a new Battersea campus will give the design school ‘room to breathe’.The proposed £33m new campus (pictured)

Minnows pack a punch

Nimble-footed small design groups are outwitting bigger rivals by targeting clients keen to cut costs in the credit crunch, says Angus Montgomery

Excience creates Comet signage

Brand consultancy Exience has completed a nationwide signage overhaul for electrical retailer Comet, which will instruct store layouts.Appointed to the project in June following the completion of a departmental signage

News in Pictures

Design gallery Dreamspace, London EC1, is hosting an exhibition of illustrations, paintings, print and photography inspired by sci-fi movies and urban landscapes. Participating designers and illustrators Sarah Fotheringham, Hannah Waldron,

Simply red

However much you see of Italian design, and however many books you read on the subject, its ingenuity and optimism still take you by surprise. The post-war industrial and design

Fellow travellers

Graphics and illustration were closely related disciplines up until the 1970s, but the branding revolution of the 1980s saw them experience diverging fates. Adrian Shaughnessy senses a possible reconciliation, inspired


Wherever there’s a need to impart detailed information, conformity usually wins out over creativity. Scott Billings talks to four designers who have avoided this trap, combining clarity and legibility with

Chris Orr interview

During his ten-year tenure as Professor of Printmaking at the Royal College of Art, Chris Orr morphed the traditional with the digital. Sarah Frater talks to the master of the

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