Studiospaceone renames Hot Pixel

Plymouth-based consultancy Studiospaceone has produced the identity for new gaming and simulation company Remode, which was formerly Web-development company Hot Pixel.

Appointed directly in September, Studiospaceone was asked to rename the company and produce a logo and identity guidelines ahead of Remode’s launch this week.

Studiospaceone was paid £5000 to complete the work, for which it was briefed to ‘fit in with the new-business approach and create an iconic brand marque that could stand up against Electronic Arts and Rockstar Games’, according to managing director Sam Gray.

The new identity is being rolled out across all business communications, including a ‘pitching dossier’, and the consultancy is developing a Web presence for Remode.

Gray says discussions have taken place over graphics on packaging and graphic user interfaces for use in the games themselves. Studiospaceone is already working on the typography for one game.

The Studiospaceone work follows Lambie-Nairn’s introduction into the gaming market, where the consultancy has produced identity, packaging and typography solutions for Electronic Arts (DW 9 October). Lambie-Nairn senior client director Andy Hayes said at the time that designing typography for the graphic user interfaces in games can be problematic, as many never come to market.

Gray maintains that the game Studiospaceone will be working on ‘is very market-specific’ and should come to fruition.

Ella Romanos, managing director of Remode, says the company will be developing ‘serious games, novel interaction and entertainment games’. About Studiospaceone she says, ‘I hope they’ll be involved.’

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