Anti-trafficking charity Odanadi launched last week, helped by designers working on a pro bono basis. What is the most worthwhile project that you have donated your services to, and why?

We helped develop an identity for the charity ManKind Initiative, formed to help men in abusive or violent relationships. Little-known, but important charities often need a helping hand to get their message across. Our work has helped ManKind raise a sensitive, but serious issue. I’m also pleased that Book Aid International, which has a literacy programme for schools, libraries and hospitals in Africa and elsewhere, is still using the identity we developed for it 15 years ago.

Jim Northover, Chairman, Lloyd Northover

We aim to amplify messages with our work, so we’ve been happy to work pro bono (or part-pro bono) for organisations with a message we feel should be heard, such as a new drink-drive campaign we’re working on at the moment. It’s aimed at under-18s, an impressionable age group not targeted in other campaigns, and we feel that increased education and awareness among young people, even if they’re just passengers, will help form opinions early and make a difference.

Paula Benson, Partner, Form

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