Civil Engineers’ HQ styled by WDPA

WDPA has rebranded London’s One Great George Street, home to the Institution of Civil Engineers, for the first time in ten years.

‘We wanted to show the grandeur of the building, the improved and restored facilities, and also how we have kept abreast of the latest technology,’ One Great George Street executive director Carolyn Chatfield explains.

The revamped identity, which has been applied across stationery, brochures and promotional literature, references the building’s architecture. It was built – between 1910 and 1913 – to the designs of architect James Miller.

‘There are lots of circular elements throughout the building, so we wanted to do something with that. The graphic shape is a simplified version of the central point on the dome above the reception area,’ says WDPA creative head Christian Nelson.

Brand colours, including a deep red and a blue, are either ‘heritage colours’ or make reference to One Great George Street’s architecture. ‘The stony colour used on the corporate literature is based on the Portland stone used within the building,’ Nelson adds.

WDPA was awarded the work, which looks set to lead to a website redesign and the creation of new exterior signage, following an unpaid creative pitch in December 2003.

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