DJPA makes Grolsch fizz as it repacks lager brand

Grolsch is to roll out a refreshed brand identity and packaging across its global markets, with design work by DJPA Partnership.

Packaging for the Coors Brewing Company-owned lager brand will be harmonised across the UK, Dutch and US markets, with UK distribution commencing this month.

DJPA was awarded the work 18 months ago without a pitch, on the basis of its five-year relationship with Grolsch.

The consultancy was briefed to create a consistency in the look and feel of the Grolsch product range and to promote it as a premium quality lager, according to DJPA creative director Rob Hudson. There were two key elements to the work: to enhance the logo on primary packaging, such as cans and bottles, and to heighten the impact of secondary packaging at point-of-sale.

The Grolsch identity has been adapted to place greater prominence on the marque, says Hudson. ‘Research showed that there is a lot of equity in the logo, so we kept it and made it as strong as possible,’ he explains.

To achieve this, the panel that carries the logo is given a two-tone silver treatment to soften it against the primary green marque. ‘The previous panel had a dark green border, but we have reduced the strength of this and also made other elements more recessive in order to maximise the logo,’ says Hudson.

A palette of ‘vibrant’ green is employed on the secondary packaging, along with visual refreshment references, such as water droplets.

The previous boxes used a smaller panel design, with ‘darker, more sombre’ colours, Hudson says.

The group created the previous Grolsch can designs for the UK, but has not worked on secondary and other primary packaging before.

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