Fewer words and buttons would be simply the best

Regarding your Vox Pop on redesigning over-complex products or services (DW 16 September), I choose software licence agreements: Who reads these 10 000-word essays? We all just click ‘I agree’. Why not shorten them to: ‘I understand I’ll go to jail if I copy this software, and when it crashes, taking all my data with it, I can’t complain or get a refund’.

Also, mobile phones: I don’t want one with WAP, a camera, video, text messaging, picture messaging, games, and the like… I just want to make phone calls.

I want a compact phone, with a numeric pad, buttons a human can use, a monochrome, two-line screen and no ‘extra’ buttons to hit by accident, connecting you to the Web for two hours while it’s in your pocket. Oh, and a ringtone that sounds like it might actually come from a phone.

Simon Watson

Head of design

King of Shaves

Buckinghamshire HP5 2PX

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