Practice doesn’t make perfect for one DW reader

Simon Barbato is perplexed by my enthusiasm for Dorothy Goslett’s The Professional Practice of Design (Letters, DW 9 September). I am somewhat perplexed by Barbato’s response. It’s not clear if his gripe is with me, Goslett or the publisher, who he berates for not commissioning ‘an entirely new title focused on winning new business’. In fact, publisher Batsford has commissioned a new version, which I mention in my article.

He then takes me to task for my Private View on new business (DW 6 May). He says that my article, ‘like Goslett’s book, gives no real practical and regular advice’ on the subject. You are free to say this about my article, Simon, however, you can’t say it about Goslett’s book unless you’ve read it. Have you? Besides, does anyone know what ‘regular’ advice is?

On a personal note, since you mention Intro, I sold my shareholding at the end of last year and now have no connection with the company I co-founded.

Adrian Shaughnessy

Art director, writer and consultant

Middlesex TW12

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