Start Creative takes time for Virgin

Start Creative has designed branding for Virgin Unite, an internal charity scheme launched by the Virgin Group last week.

The initiative seeks to entice company employees to donate their time, rather than their money, to one of 12 partner charities. These include 4Children, London’s Air Ambulance and Homeless Link.

The three-month project encompassed the development of the strapline ‘Spend time with your better side’, a brochure, seven posters and promotional items. Virgin’s in-house design team was responsible for the campaign’s name and logo.

Start was briefed to create a scheme based around the idea of redemption, says consultancy creative director Mark Smith. The Virgin Unite posters and brochure consequently juxtapose the seven sins with good deeds: lust is contrasted with love, for instance, and gluttony with generosity.

‘We wanted to create something that would challenge the traditional approach in the charity sector [and] didn’t engage people on a guilt level. Virgin Unite is about having fun and celebrating the reality of how people live their lives, while encouraging them to donate time,’ he explains.

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