Tannoy range amplified by Factory

Loudspeaker manufacturer Tannoy will unveil Arena, its latest global home theatre range designed by Factory Design.

The Arena units are cast in an organic form and symbolise ‘a new era’ in loudspeaker design, according to Gavin Thomson, creative partner at Factory Design and lead on the project.

‘It has been lovely to express form in speaker design by moving away from the traditional wooden cabinet boxes,’ he explains. ‘There is an almost human feeling to the whole product [form].’

The range comprises one sub-woofer, four satellite speakers and a centre channel speaker. The cabinets are moulded from cast aluminium and feature chrome screws and buttons to evoke a feeling of high quality construction.

‘The core idea [for the designs] is based around sculpture; each of the cabinets grows out of a principle form,’ says Thomson.

Semi-transparent metal grilles on the speaker fronts are inspired by microphone pop shields, the fabric discs used to reduce the impact of air blown into a microphone. The speakers’ front facias are removable and a range of coloured pieces will allow for a degree of customisation.

Thomson has worked with Tannoy for the past five years, although he says the company intends to handle a greater number of projects at its in-house design team in the future.

The consultancy was awarded the work as part of its ongoing relationship with Tannoy.

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