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By winning the Jerwood Applied Arts Prize for furniture, London consultancy Barber Osgerby has shown that design and craft are more closely interlinked than might previously have been the case. Can you think of other areas of design where this trend is ev

‘All good design involves a degree of craftsmanship. It always has and it always will. The term craft shouldn’t only apply to the handmade. A craftsman is intuitively in touch with his/ her tool of choice, whether it happens to be a camera, a computer or, in the case of typographers, the human eye.’

Angus Hyland, Partner, Pentagram

‘Barber Osberby is not alone in the way it has highlighted the relevance and importance of craft in contemporary design. It’s just arguably more overt in furniture design than in other disciplines. But because of the lack of craft inherent in low-cost, mass production – in every area of design – there will always be people like Alan Kitching, Thomas Heatherwick and Alexander McQueen to reap the benefits of applying impeccable craft skills to their design work.’

Simon Elliott, Creative director, Rose

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