Breeze Creative bottles new Mayfair look

Glasgow-based consultancy Breeze Creative has branded drinks company Mayfair Brands and created identity and packaging designs for its London Dry Gin and English Vodka.

Breeze is now working for the company on two further products, which may launch next spring, according to Mayfair Brands finance director Roger Hatfield, as well as on marketing collateral.

Breeze was appointed to work with Dublin-based Mayfair Brands around 18 months ago. The company has previously worked on branding for drinks companies including the Tomatin Distillery and Morrison Bowmore Distillers.

It was tasked with creating branding and packaging for Mayfair Brands’ gin and vodka products being produced at the Thames Distillery in London, which Mayfair Brands says is one of the last independent distilleries in the City of London.

The company is named after the Mayfair region of London and aims to position itself at the premium end of the spirits business.

Douglas Davidson, managing director of Mayfair Brands, says, ’We have spent much of the past year discussing our Mayfair concept with experienced distributors across the world and have been encouraged by their positive response.’

He adds, ’We have a clear vision of building Mayfair Brands into a producer of top-quality premium spirits in keeping with the luxury image of Mayfair, and of distributing these premium products to discerning customers worldwide.’

Hatfield says the two initial products are being distributed in the UK, the US and Switzerland.

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