Family and Friends’ logo for Peter Popple’s Popcorn takes its cue from the alliteration

Family and Friends has created the identity, packaging and promotional materials for new popcorn brand Peter Popple’s Popcorn.

The consultancy was appointed in April after it was recommended to Peter Popple’s Popcorn founder Louise George.

Family and Friends was initially tasked with working on the product’s name, which had to be ’fun, memorable and appealing to all’, says George.

The consultancy was then briefed to create an identity that appealed to both children and their parents, and represented the naturally healthy qualities of popcorn.

For the identity, Family and Friends has created a young scientist character, which explains to children the natural process that makes popcorn. It was inspired by the feel of the Science Museum’s permanent exhibition Launchpad, which is fun and educational, says Family and Friends co-founder Derek Johnston.

Family and Friends chose an ’earthy bright’ colour palette and rounded typography that emphasises the alliteration of Peter Popple’s Popcorn, says Johnston. The consultancy has also trademarked the phrase ’It’s popalicious’, which will be used across the packaging and promotional materials to improve brand recall, says Johnston.

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