Inspired – Steve Price

Simple things like sunshine. There is nothing better than a clear morning with the sun beating down. Travel helps broaden the mind (and get a suntan). Culture, music, food, the arts and writing can all help one be more aware and accepting.

But inspiration for me rarely comes from fluffy cloud-like sources. It comes from surrounding myself with people I consider far more intelligent than me. It’s those butterflies I feel meeting respected peers, or just before I give a talk or present to a new client.

It’s the feeling of being alive. When you are on the brink; you can see the fire exit and all you want to do is be somewhere else, but the deviant inside you says stay .

Inspiration is that sense of panic, fear and anxiety. It provides me with the means to try and raise my game – by placing myself in situations where not only my creative, but my intellectual abilities are challenged.

As vacuous and as vain as the creative industry can sometimes feel, my son Enzo (and his wellbeing) is my ultimate source of inspiration.

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