Ranch gets straight to the point with Paperback rebrand

Ranch has rebranded employee-owned co-operative paper company Paperback, which has been selling recycled paper since 1983.

The consultancy was appointed to the work two to three months ago after approaching Paperback with the proposition of creating a new brand for the company, according to creative director Paul Jenkins. He says, ’It was good timing – it had been thinking of having a rebrand.’

Ranch aimed to create a brand that would be ’modern, current and contemporary’, according to Jenkins. ’We wanted to give Paperback a logo that would be timeless and sum up the recycled aspect,’ he says.

Jenkins describes coming up with the backwards arrow, to represent the recycled aspect of the company, as ’a Eureka moment’.

The identity is set to go live in the coming weeks on the website and promotional materials for Paperback.

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