Graduates, don’t despair – online flair will land you a job

The survey released this week by the Association of Graduate Recruiters paints a gloomy picture for students leaving university this year, with the average number of graduates chasing one job rising to 48.

What this survey doesn’t do, however, is look specifically at the employment prospects for graduating design students.

Yes, employment prospects are not as good as last year, but opportunities are out there, and especially in the online creative services area.

Consultancies with a strong online presence are still growing, but find it difficult to recruit graduates with the right mixture of creative flair and digital awareness.

Students who understand how people behave online are sought after. An awareness of online media as an environment is an essential requirement.

The other key skill is the ability to work in a team, negotiate a role, understand the team dynamic and work in an interdisciplinary group.
Professor David Crow, Head of department of design, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, by e-mail

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