Hidden Art creates South Bank show for 20th birthday

Hidden Art, the organisation which assists and promotes UK design talent, is creating an exhibition in London’s Oxo Tower Museum to celebrate 20 years in business.

‘[Transforming Products into Passion] is a retrospective exhibition built around a timeline to visually retell our story, and hopefully it will exhibit work from each year of our existence,’ says Saul Sherry, Hidden Art’s editor and communications manager.

One of the main challenges was selecting work. ‘A lot of us working here are too young to know all of the work, so we went through old newsletters, photographs and slides,’ says Sherry. The exhibition will include work by ceramicist Karen Bunting and Anthony Dickens, who co-created the Origami table range.

Hidden Art was set up by Dieneke Ferguson in 1989, and organises exhibitions in London where designers let the public see work in their own studios.

Transforming Products into Passion will run from 16-20 September.

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