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Former Dorling Kindersley creative director Judi Green has had work accepted into the Royal Society of Portrait Painters show. What are your artistic achievements and aspirations?

‘I think artistic achievements are for other people to judge. I have recently met and worked with The Dreamers director Bernardo Bertolucci. I hope there will be many more meetings with remarkable people.’

Richard Morrison, Director, Fig Productions

‘I think all designers of my age have always harboured latent artistic leanings. Eventually though, we were seduced by design and a commercial reality – or was that necessity? I have always tried to paint and have just completed portraits of my daughters Daisy (9) and Olivia (7). They are OK, but I still dream of what could have been. Which is why I am so impressed by Green’s achievement and her passion.’

Paul King, Creative design consultant

‘My design career has paralleled with my work as a poet. While the number of magazines and periodicals devoted to the former grows, interest in the latter is scarce, and somewhat of a specialism, indulged in by the reclusive, the mad or the downright curious. This year, however, Collected Poems will appear from Salt Publishing. And a piece of work, which is part theatre, part installation, with soundtrack by Martyn Ware and Vince Clarke of Illustrious Co, will miraculously appear, in various formats, in selected cities around the world, at times yet to be determined.’

David Chaloner, Managing director, Conran Design


‘I love paint and the sensation of drawing. I like working quickly and preferably outdoors. Current achievements are pretty modest, mainly to do with places I’ve visited or know well. A “one family” show would be fun. I’d like to put on something with my son and two daughters – all artists, but each very different, except the DNA. Naturally, we’d brand it – Gene Pool?’

Jim Northover, Chairman, Citigate Lloyd Northover

‘People have really struggled with our work, in their attempt to pigeon-hole it. Our work has been labelled art, nearly as often it has been identified as design. I feel particularly in the West that this historic divide between these disciplines is not so useful. Interesting work is interesting work, what ever cap it wears.’

Tom Roope, Director, Tomato

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