Agenda rolls out pub chain

Pub chain The Slug and Lettuce opens its redesigned Wandsworth outlet in South London this week. The revamp, by Agenda Design, is part of a roll-out which includes the flagship in Covent Garden, reopened earlier this month.

The consultancy redesigned the chain’s identity (DW 21 October 1994) and is now responsible for refurbishing its 15 pubs, seven of which are in London.

Agenda designed the interiors of the former Peppermint Park site in Covent Garden to appeal to the young up-and-coming set “while ensuring an open and friendly European atmosphere, conducive for women to walk

into by themselves”, says a consultancy spokeswoman.

London sculptor Sophie Marsham created a series of faces from kitchen and bar objects to be used on the walls and as signage.

Holding company Grosvenor Inns is on the look-out for further Slug and Lettuce sites. Agenda is currently designing Grosvenor Inns’ annual report.

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