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The Soft Fan is a passive and safe modern product with a tinge of Green thinking. It was inspired from sailing craft and kites and the physical principal of air pressure and centrifugal force. It is called Soft Fan because its moving parts are made of fabric, which expand when it is turned on.

It performs in the same way as a conventional fan – except you can touch the blades and stop the fan at any time without the risk of injury. As the fan has no dangerous moving parts it requires no bulky protective guard, so when it is switched off, the fabric assembly folds to a fraction of its size, for easy transportation and storage. When dirty, it can be put in a washing machine. We have developed a desk-top version of the Soft Fan and the development of large ceiling- and wall-mounted fans in other fabrics is also being looked into.

Cactus (top left): The idea for the Cactus heater was born when Paul Priestman was looking round the Runtal Italia factory in Italy and saw these amazing-looking heating elements. A few sketches later the heater was designed and then he worked together with Runtal Italia and Bisque to get the heaters into production. Cactus won the Design Week Award for Best Product in 1993.

Seymour Powell’s futuristic moped, the Nexus, (middle left), caused a real stir when it was released in 1993. Designed as a prototype urban run-about without the speed for the road, it was primarily a publicity venture, manufacture being a distant goal.

Pressé : Priestman Associates partner Nigel Goode saw the potential for using the paper pulp used to make egg boxes in packaging and stationery. He came up with the stationery folders. They are now selling very well in Germany and America and due to their success Priestman Associates is developing a new range.

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