DfEE’s learning journey starts

Atelier Works and C21 have designed and written a set of three books explaining the National Curriculum to parents, which will be launched by the Department for Education and Employment on 12 September.

The Learning Journey consists of three A5-size, 80-page books detailing the four Key Stages of the National Curriculum. Two million books are being published for each level, with parents receiving them directly from teachers.

“The whole job of the parents’ guide is to reinforce the relationship between teachers and parents,” says Atelier Works creative director Quentin Newark.

As well as detailing the main elements of the curriculum in layman’s terms, the two London design groups have developed a series of “tips” for parents to deploy in relation to the curriculum. “They are a way of engaging parents in their children’s learning through conversation, games and exercises, such as looking at photo albums or following a recipe,” adds Newark.

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