During last week’s heatwave I took a call from one of the lawyers I work closely with and she suddenly asked, ‘Are those seagulls I can hear?’

I was forced to reveal that I was working from Cocker-Doodle, my beloved beach hut on the Suffolk coast.

Being a businessman rather than a designer, I’m not usually inspired by three-dimensional structures unless they happen to be red and have four wheels. But a wooden beach hut is very different.

I love the warmth, tranquillity and security it provides – a throwback to the womb, I guess. With a cup of tea and a local butter bun in hand, I’m able to enjoy the awe-inspiring sea views and reach for my powerful telescope when something particularly interesting appears on the horizon or the beach.

Most important of all, I’m able to people watch. As passers by peer into our hut with interest, I gaze back and try to fathom out what sort of people they are and where they are from – absolutely fascinating. I might be mistaken, but I’m sure I saw Michael Peters stroll by the other day – he didn’t spot me hidden behind a copy of the FT!

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