Attack on all fronts to make a decisive impact

Tim Ashton hit the nail on the head (feature, DW 23 January) when he said “single medium solutions are no longer going to work.” Every organisation, communicates on so many levels that nothing short of a holistic approach will do.

We all know that managing your corporate identity is not just a matter of adopting an eye catching logo. It is about corporate behaviour; how your staff answer the phone and greet clients at your premises, how reliable your products are and how they are presented in the marketplace.

To strengthen any brand, you need total synergy: you must have an open dialogue between designers, marketers, advertising people, R&D departments and PRs. For this to work, you need team players prepared to share ideas… and the limelight when the applause begins.

Giles Calver

managing director

Lippa Pearce Design

358a Richmond Road

Twickenham TW1 2DU

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