Does the industry take exhibition design seriously?

I would like to open up (again, you may say) a debate about whether, and if so, why exhibition design still seems to be something of a poor relation in the design industry.

Whenever the subject is mentioned, there seems to be a general sense that this area of design is a second class creative industry which somehow fails to have the glamour and attraction of, say advertising or corporate identity.

At Barsby Prince we are committed to the principle that exhibitions are as much, if not more, about the outward portrayal of a company’s identity and specific communication as any other media form. I wonder whether many client companies really understand the value of the opportunity.

There still seems to be a sense in many companies that exhibitions are the annual sales reps’ parties, not to be taken too seriously, and left to the latest marketing executive in the department to organise.

So, my question to start the debate is: exhibition design – serious discipline or ‘something those other agencies do?’ End of ramble.

Mark Elgar

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