Norwich Union and CGU merger

The £19bn insurance giant created by the merger between CGU and Norwich Union is set to be renamed CGNU if the deal is approved.

No design groups have been approached, according to a CGU spokesman. He says it will be “at least three or four months” before any consultancies are invited to pitch for the project.

“There is a long way to go yet. We are several months away from creating a new identity because there are several hurdles to overcome before the merger is approved.

“Organisations from the Monopolies Commission to each country in which CGU operates have to agree to it,” he explains.

MPL created CGU’s corporate identity in June 1998 following the merger between Commercial Union and General Accident.

MPL chairman Peter Sampson says: “I’d be very surprised if they changed their branding policy dramatically, because I think they’d be reluctant to throw away the equity gained in a short space of time.

“If it was being tweaked it would probably be done in-house. However, I’d like to assume that if they were doing a rebranding and they approached outside design groups, we would be one of them,” says Sampson.

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