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If London wins the 2012 Olympic bid, how will it enable British design to flex its muscles?

‘There will be a lot of direct opportunities for architects and designers – around Olympic sites in surrounding areas of east London, plus, of course, the promotion and imaging of the events. There will also be many cultural activities – from community arts to mainstream arts – linked to the Games. If London is chosen, one reason will be that it’s such a vibrant cultural centre. The cultural aspects of the bid are at last gaining more prominence. Remember, the Games were originally about artistic achievement as well as sporting excellence.’

Sir Christopher Frayling, Rector Professor, Royal

College of Art

‘The success of the benchmark Sydney Games in 2000 wasn’t solely due to the appeal of the location or the impressive event logistics. It was also a showcase for great design and the role it can play in positioning both an event and a place. If we win, we’ll have the chance to harness the skills of the UK’s finest designers, across all disciplines, and reinforce our reputation as the world’s pinnacle of creativity.’

John Allert, Chief operating officer, Interbrand

‘It will reinforce the true Brit brand spirituality – “It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part and going down the pub after that counts”. Expect games that offer more chance of success, like the egg-and-spoon or sack race. And when it’s over, we can celebrate the games together with a nice cup of tea from our spin-off, bootleg Charles and Camilla commemorative mugs.’

Stuart Watson, Creative director, Venturethree

‘If we win, more design industry leaders must get involved in commissioning creative work. Our recent 2012 bid identity doesn’t inspire or represent the broad creative talents that exist here. The games would be a great platform to showcase UK design, so let’s see our industry bring creative credibility back to the Olympics.’

Ranzie Anthony, Creative director, Tonic

‘As the bids are a drag for cynics among the press and public, the realisation of winning the bid has the opposite effect on design groups. Every consultancy becomes fuelled for stardom on this global stage. Snowball effect. Out of the closet come design veterans, new groups form hot from college and the whole design community believe they can change the world. Well you can’t.’

Robbie Laughton, Founder, Dave

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