Yum Yum has a revamp by Ignite and Lifeform

Ignite Marketing and London architect Lifeforms are collaborating on the £2m relaunch of Thai eatery Yum Yum, based in Stoke Newington, London. The 12-year-old restaurant, founded by Atique Choudhury, is set to re-open in a listed building featuring an indoor pond, a 15m-long wooden bar hand-carved in Thailand, and a Thai garden. A number of themed indoor dining areas are also being created by Lifeforms.

Ignite has worked on the Yum Yum branding for the past three years, and the design group’s latest incarnation of the brand is based on a contemporary drawing of the goddess Lakshmi.

Yum Yum is due to open at the beginning of April.

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