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The Lost Generation is a team comprising of a writer and a graphic designer who champion undiscovered talent. To get noticed, the team has set up a magazine and a website to act as a platform for graduates and unemployed creatives. The team is looking for designers, writers and artists to submit their work.
We thought this site might appeal to all you designers out there. The website, Where’s Me Jumper, makes – well, you guessed it – jumpers. The selling point is that you can send in your own design or image, and they will create a custom-made jumper that is unique to you.
Rick Poynor makes an interesting point on Design Observer, calling attention to how risky it is to change a magazine’s format. This was prompted by the recent redesign of The Drawbridge, which has seen a switch from a newspaper format to a full-colour, perfect bound, 144-page journal.
In the face of adversity, Poland has in recent years become a beacon of progress and opportunity, staying afloat with positive GDP growth. This site highlights the Polish designers, inventors and entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries of business, science and artistic expression in the country.

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