You can’t beat logos when it comes to grabbing attention

I couldn’t agree more with Lloyd Northover co-founder John Lloyd’s recent guest blog, which argues for the continued central role of logos (, 9 February), if I tried.

Logo-bashing is a recurring subject thatseems to appear when not much else is happening to talk about. A brand is a logo, or, at least, it is the visual face of a brand. Of course, there has to be much more to back up a brand – service, attitude, values and so on – but, fundamentally, consumers have to be able to recognise one product or company from another within an instant.

I would have thought that these days, with a greater pressure to grab people’s attention more quickly, a higher volume of communications and the ever-increasing use of mobile devices as a means of interface with audiences, that the short form for a brand – a logo – would be more relevant and essential today than ever.
Moreover, who really does trust or respect a company without a good-looking, relevant and aspirational identity?

Derek Johnston, Co-founder, Family and Friends, by e-mail

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