Those miffed by the fact that The Burton Group is offering Joe Public the chance to rename its holding company, rather than using an expensive branding agency, could do worse than to enter. Winners must take part in a publicity campaign for the awards ceremony, where a mention of your consultancy won’t go amiss. Nor […]

Blair initiative to boost UK design

Prime Minister Tony Blair has made a personal foray into design, asking the Design Council to run brainstorming sessions on using design to take Britain into the millennium. He identified three themes for the venture: how design can be used in the Millennium Dome at Greenwich; how international summits hosted by the UK can be […]

Land of the superlatives

As a contrast to the bevy of major US building schemes, Peter Hall finds inspiration in a series of low budget architecture projects by a group of Southern students.

Fashion dolls put addiction on the agenda

Sindy and Barbie will be turning green with envy as 20 miniature dolls are about to be kitted out in designer gear to raise money for charity. Dolls Against Addiction is the title for a gala event to be held at the Natural History Museum in London to benefit the charity Action on Addiction. The […]


Liverpool has a new bar, intended to be cool, calm and understated, called XS. Interiors are by Judge Gill Associates and the graphics by Via Design. The interiors of the two-floor bar are deliberately clean and fresh, says a Judge Gill Associates spokeswoman. Neutral limestones and light timbers are combined with ‘the acidic cast of […]


For all cartoon lovers: a new Titan comic book, Sin City: That Yellow Bastard, is available from 25 July. This is the fourth collection from writer/artist Frank Miller in the Sin City series. That Yellow Bastard introduces a whole new cast, from the criminal Junior to Lieutenant John Hartigan. Priced 16.99.


For those of you in Scotland, the Glasgow 1999 Centre presents Land Arch, an exhibition by architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Recent projects by Fuksas are displayed featuring paintings, models and video material. Projects include the entrance to the cave painting museum, Niaux, France and the Candie Saint-Bernard Apartments in Paris. Until 23 August. Venue: 1999 Centre, […]

Lottery to add ‘good cause’

The design industry stands to gain on the swings what it loses on the roundabouts, following Government proposals for the National Lottery. A White Paper published this week proposes to divert 1bn of Lottery cash to pay for health and education initiatives. This will mean the adding of a sixth “good cause” fund, and could […]

The unified voice of design is not necessarily the only answer

I would like to respond to letters from DW readers about the Halifax Initiative, in particular those who feel that the Chartered Society of Designers has failed by not attending the Halifax conference. As the Design Business Association founding chairman, and past president of the CSD, I have a deep interest in the future of […]

HMV changes plans

Entertainment chain HMV has cancelled plans to use a UK design group to replace its existing in-store signage. – The chain had established a four-strong shortlist for the project (DW 18 April), to develop signage which fitted in with the group’s internati

New leader for the CSD

Talking of change, it’s good to see that the Chartered Society of Designers’ Council has finally declared Adrienne LeMan CSD president, some five weeks after Nick Jenkins resigned. LeMan has been openly sympathetic to the review of design representation, even after the CSD executive committee reneged on its commitment to the exercise, thereby prompting Jenkins […]


Roots, an Exhibition of the Tree at The Association of Photographers opens on 29 July. This evocative and popular subject has been captured in many different ways, and this exhibition aims to show a variety of creative interpretations. Images will range from the classical to the dramatic. Photographers participating in the display include Martin Beckett, […]

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