New leader for the CSD

Talking of change, it’s good to see that the Chartered Society of Designers’ Council has finally declared Adrienne LeMan CSD president, some five weeks after Nick Jenkins resigned. LeMan has been openly sympathetic to the review of design representation, even after the CSD executive committee reneged on its commitment to the exercise, thereby prompting Jenkins to step down. We hope, therefore, that she will use her influence as president to talk her colleagues round and that the CSD will join the move for change embodied in the Halifax Initiative.

The gesture would be welcome, if only to show that designers can pull together when the reason is right. But it isn’t necessary for the Halifax Initiative to work. Such is the passion for change from across the industry that the initiative has its own momentum. That passion is driven by need and frustration and CSD endorsement matters little to those keen to move forward to gain influence for design. And what better time to do it? The Government has shown a willingness to listen, and where it leads industry will no doubt follow.

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