The rebellion is over for past Masters

Ho, Ho, Ho, what have we here? What are Messrs Seymour and Powell up to now? I am referring, of course, to the laughable AppleMasters programme (DW 18 July).

“Just log on to the AppleMasters website to experience how Apple products and the AppleMasters can inspire your efforts,” the literature says. Being an Apple over PC chap, I checked it out. What I was greeted with was an SP personal and family history, a few quotes, a series of scrolling portraits that served only to illustrate how unflattering getting older can be, personal likes and dislikes and some project work.

What a disappointment, what has happened to the rebellious young Turks that were Seymour Powell? They have been reduced to being paraded like poodles by the might of Cupertino. Surely, they would not have been associated with this type of charade five years ago. I can only conclude that this is the consequence of one of the following: a sell out, the ageing process or something more sinister.

Paul Bacon


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