Pure toasts packaging for Breville

The first slice of a Pure-designed packaging programme for Breville rolls out from next week, with the launch of the electrical appliance manufacturer’s Toastmaster product.

The work is the first in a series of packaging revamps the group is involved in for Breville, with a range of products due to launch in the autumn and other products likely to follow in 2004.

Breville brand manager Robert Levy declines to comment on the broader packaging revamp, but confirms the group is working with the manufacturer on a number of projects.

For Toastmaster, Levy says that Pure was briefed to design packaging that ‘appeals to a younger demographic’ and communicates ‘the functional benefits in a modern way’.

‘A toaster is a toaster. The packaging needs to turn the product into a personality – take something plain and mundane and make it fun,’ he adds.

Pure creative director David Rogers says the group was aiming to differentiate the product.

‘All Breville packaging looks the same. We wanted to step outside that and give this appliance a point of difference. Customers need that when faced with a wall of products,’ says Rogers.

Pure was appointed to the brief in April on the back of its work for Nicky Clarke, part of the same Pulse-owned group as Breville.

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