The Gadget Shop updates interiors to boost sales

The Gadget Shop is to launch a multimillion pound programme of new-breed ‘interactive’ high street outlets with interiors created by Ashleycarterwhitehead, as the retailer bids to bring high street sales in line with its Web sales.

The move, starting with a new store in Livingstone that opened last week, takes in 50 store refurbishments and 40 new openings and follows a successful pilot across seven outlets nationwide.

In addition to interiors work, the group will also refresh the retailer’s identity and has been tasked with updating bags and packaging for own-brand products.

The programme represents a departure from the gadget and gift retailer’s previous strategy of relying on sales via its website and interactive television retail portals.

According to Gadget Shop sales marketing director Andrew Bailey, the initiative will see the store replace its current ‘hands-off’ shop layout with a more ‘high-energy’ experience.

Core to the revamp is a shift from keeping goods locked away towards making them available for shoppers to experiment with, says Ashleycarterwhitehead director Neil Whitehead.

‘Previously, everything was behind glass or in the stockroom and there was a big drive to get stuff bought through the Internet. Now all the products are being put out in the store so people can pick them up and play with them.’

The consultancy has created bay areas from which equipment can be demonstrated. In-store graphics have also been introduced depicting black and white photographs of people ‘at play’ with Gadget Shop products.

Ashleycarterwhitehead won the brief on the back of a two-way credentials pitch last December.

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