Can our working practices and family life ever co-exist?

I feel compelled to write after reading Adrian Shaughnessy’s piece ‘Talking a good game’ (Private View, DW 3 July).

I am a woman and have worked as a graphic designer for 20 years.

I do think the trend of top jobs going to men is a reflection of society in general, but the creative industry does seem to be worse than others.

Maybe graphics would win more D&AD pencils if more women were in the top jobs?

When I told my boss I was pregnant, he said, ‘Oh Christ’. I returned to work four weeks after giving birth. After a full day’s work, when I put my coat on to pick up my child, I was asked why I was leaving early. For the next seven years I worked late and did whatever was asked of me, but missed out on getting to know my child.

Our industry’s working practices don’t support family life. I understand why women walk away from design when they are forced to choose between children and the everyday battle to prove we are as good as our male colleagues.

Barbara Balmer, Desktop publisher, Close Wealth Management, by e-mail

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