Sumo brands archeological heritage site

Newcastle-based design group Sumo has been appointed to breathe fresh life into one of the UK’s most significant archeological sites, Creswell Crags, as it prepares to open an £8m museum and visitor centre.

Creswell Heritage Trust briefed Sumo last month to create a new brand identity for the site, which will be rolled out in October across all communication and marketing materials, ahead of the museum opening next year.

Home to the only cave paintings in Britain, discovered in 2003 (pictured), Creswell intends to create a strong brand destination in line with its World Heritage Site potential, says Sumo managing director Jim Richardson.

‘The site is of extreme academic importance, but the main visitors will be tourists and families, so our branding will be mindful of that,’ says Richardson.

Although the creative team at Sumo is still in the early stages of conducting branding workshops, Richardson says, ‘We are looking at creating an identity representing the sum of all Creswell’s parts, including the caves, the museum and visitor centre, and the lake.’

Sumo has completed similar projects on cultural venues across the UK including Brighton & Hove Museums, Shetland Museum and Archives, Waygood Centre for Art and The Great Northern Museum.

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