Bristol signs up for Legible City

Bristol City Council has unveiled a new integrated identity scheme for transport and tourism facilities under an initiative called Legible City. The scheme aims to boost understanding and enjoyment of the city.

Described as the most extensive city design and information programme implemented by a European city, Legible City is being co-ordinated by the council’s Planning Transport and Development Services, in conjunction with a number of design consultancies. MetaDesign is handling information and communications, City ID is dealing with urban design planning, and PSD is taking on product design. The consultancies were appointed last year (DW 26 June 1998).

The initiative covers street furniture, public arts and printed information materials. The council and its partners are keen to point out that Legible City is not a rebranding exercise for Bristol.

MetaDesign creative director Tim Fendley says, “It’s not about signing everything… but providing real quality information where and when it is most needed. The signs provide relevant information and focus on ease of reading and ‘heads-up’ mapping.”

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