Was BA’s dropping of the flag responsible for lost profits?

With reference to Dorothy Mackenzie’s letter (DW 18 June), if British Airways’ old identity lacked coherence, what of the present mixture of ethnic designs and stylised Union Jacks? Where is the coherence and enhanced recognition in that?

It all points to a company which has lost its way and lost its identity. Let us hope that this confusion never seeps down to the sharp end of BA’s operations.

In 1983, when BA was first declared The World’s Favourite Airline, it was boldly flying the flag. It was British and proud of it and, under Lord King’s leadership, formidably successful. BA’s customers, of all nationalities, were clearly not deterred by the Union Jack then.

Is the present loss of profitability and the abandonment of the Union Jack no more than a coincidence?

Ralph Glazer

Marketing director


London W1

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