Ride waves on a fin and a prayer in Tsunami wetsuit

A new and intriguing addition to the world of extreme sports was unveiled recently, providing a fresh opportunity to do yourself untold damage while wearing an eye-catching neoprene suit.

Described as an evolutionary step in surfing, the Tsunami wetsuit, created by Israeli design consultancy I2D, adds fin-like ridges down the chest and thighs of the suit, to transform the wearer’s body into a surfboard. Specialised gloves have been designed to enhance the wearer’s performance. One has webbed fingers for paddling – just like Patrick Duffy’s character in The Man from Atlantis – while the other is a rigid fin, which should serve as a rudder and allow for greater manoeuvrability.

While it all sounds like great fun, there’s no escaping the fact that all this suit appears to need is a cape to really finish it off.

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