Who would you like to have seen honoured in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list, and why?

If they have not already been honoured I would nominate the creators of We Are What We Do, for proving that worthwhile doesn’t have to be worthy, shifting charity and community groups’ sense of possibility and communicating with good cheer that lots of small things add up to one big thing. And I’d give them an extra little gong from the design profession for understanding that where you put creative thinking is at the heart of things.

Lydia Thornley, Founder, Lydia Thornley Design

Gaynor Coley, managing director of the Eden Project – not simply for creating thousands of Green jobs and adding £900m to the Cornish economy, but for reminding us that if you’re going to have a dream, have a big one.

Andrea Siodmok, Programme director, Dott Cornwall

With so many worthy public servants facing budget cuts or unemployment, I think that we should forget about giving out OBEs and MBEs and instead sell them to the highest bidder, along with knighthoods and peerages. The money raised could help to plug the hole in school and hospital budgets and the vanity of the rich could give those who deserve these honours what they really need – the money to deliver these vital public services.

Jim Richardson, Managing director, Sumo

I think that so often this recognition is given to people who make big impressions by doing big things. And quite rightly so. But what I’d like to do is also recognise those individuals who have done relatively small things that let you live your life more easily. As I trundled through the airport yesterday morning I thought, for example, of Bernard Sadow. They laughed at him in the early 1970s when he tried to tout the idea of wheels on luggage.

John Mathers, Managing director, Holmes & Marchant

At the Fox House interchange on the A625 towards Sheffield, someone has written ’Carl is a fat c**t’ on the motorway sign. I’m assuming that this message will have brightened up the days of a few thousand (maybe hundreds of thousands of) motorists.I would like to see this anonymous person honoured on the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for their contribution to increasing levels of happiness in the country – a valuable service to the nation.

Mr Bingo, Illustrator

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