Design Week acknowledges branding standouts

Design Week is launching a new annual awards scheme to celebrate the best in branding programmes.

Dubbed The Benchmarks, the awards will include submissions from design consultancies, clients and in-house creative teams. They will cover projects across a number of market sectors where a consultancy has expressed the branding across three or more communication platforms. These might include a brochure, a website, a direct mail campaign, advertising, an exhibition, a shop facia or even a T-shirt.

The strongest contenders in each sector will be shortlisted for inclusion in a new annual publication due out in September. The best of these will receive an award at a small event to be held in London to coincide with the publication of The Benchmarks ‘book’.

Design Week editor Lynda Relph-Knight will chair a panel of judges drawn mainly from the client side. They will assess entries on their fitness for their market, innovation and quality of execution across all platforms.

Though there is no requirement for entrants to prove commercial effectiveness, each entry must be signed off by the client to indicate its success.

The closing date for entries is 25 May. For full entry details contact 020 7970 4772 or e-mail

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