Backpack brand tags Designers Anonymous to put redesigned packaging in the swing of things


Designers Anonymous has been appointed to redesign the packaging for Eastpak bag and clothing brand’s spring/summer 2012 collection.

The consultancy was invited to take part in a three-way credentials pitch at the end of February. It will initially redesign swing tags for Eastpak’s bag range, and hopes to later create tags for its other ranges. The tags are Eastpak’s sole means of communicating its brand through packaging.

Christian Eager, founder and designer at Designers Anonymous, says, ’They haven’t looked at the tags for a long time so they need to readdress how they function. They’re not communicating very well, so we need to strengthen the brand. We want to make Eastpak iconic.’

An Eastpak spokeswoman adds, ’We want to give the packs a facelift – we reached a point with the brand where we need some changes.’

Eager says that they plan to consolidate the current multiple tags to one, retaining the current logo and black, white and red brand colours (pictured). The new tags will be more text heavy, aiming to convey the brand’s story and personality.

Eager says the main challenge is ensuring standout, as Eastpak is mostly sold in concessions in larger stores. He says, ’We’ve got to make sure the swing tags express the brand straight away – they’re got to be really punchy.’

The project is currently at concept stage and is due for completion in May for the tags’ launch in spring 2012.

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